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    When a file fell off the table

    It is the metaphor of a file that has been forgotten. The one and only file on which mushrooms grow.

    Vigilant Paralegal Solutions gets the file at the legs and resolves the problem. You as civil law notary only have to execute the final deed.

    International matters

    Being a Dutch citizen with immigration backgrounds I know how difficult international family matters can be. If the family is scattered across various countries in the world, it is imaginable that in one of those countries a part of the settlement of a divorce or estate is overlooked and therefore has not been executed. If you discovered any lack of this kind, you can hire Vigilant Paralegal Solutions.

    The little checkered hat of Sherlock Holmes fits Vigilant Paralegal Solutions.


    A client surprised you with an enormous challenge! 150 Parcels of real estate have to be transferred. Each of these parcels needs research of its servitudes, its transfer provisions and its qualitative obligations.

    That is quite a time swallowing project. Your own people are already drowned in work and you are looking for a solution. Just hire Vigilant Paralegal Solutions!

    For companies

    You are going to restructure your international group of companies. Shares will be transferred, articles of association will be amended and some group newco's will be incorporated.

    Your people at the legal department do not have the adequate force to get this project squared away.

    Don't worry, Vigilant Paralegal Solutions has over 30 years of experience in the Dutch corporate notarial practice. Here is all the knowledge to help you out with all communication with lawyers, civil law notaries and all other Dutch advisors.