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    Privacy statement of Vigilant Paralegal Solutions

    1. Introduction

    A. General
    This is the privacy statement of Vigilant Paralegal Solutions, registered with the Dutch Commercial Register under number 71444769. This privacy statement relates to the data processed by Vigilant Paralegal Solutions in its customer systems and the processes through the website www.vigilant-solutions.nl.

    B. Privacy and obligation of secrecy
    Vigilant Paralegal Solutions respects the privacy of all its customers and all users of its website. Vigilant Paralegal Solutions takes care of the confidential handling and storage of all personal information that customers provide. Vigilant Paralegal Solutions also binds itself to all legislation with respect of the oath of secrecy of the civil law notaries that Vigilant Paralegal Solutions works for and has worked for.

    C. Disclaimer

    This privacy statement applies only to the services of Vigilant Paralegal Solutions. You should be aware that Vigilant Paralegal Solutions is in no way responsible or liable for the privacy policies of other websites, which are accessible via any link on the website. We advise you to consult the privacy statement and the disclaimer of that other website. You can see that you are no longer on our website if the URL has changed.

    2. Handling of personal data

    A. Use of services
    When you decide to make use of the services of Vigilant Paralegal Solutions, you will be asked to provide personal data. This information shall be stored in the customer systems of Vigilant Paralegal Solutions and shall be used to provide our services to you and to send you an invoice. Your e-mail address will only be used in connection with your customer relationship with Vigilant Paralegal Solutions only if you have given prior written consent.

    We do not provide your personal data or your e-mail address to third parties without your consent, unless we are obliged to do so on the basis of the law or a court ruling or if this is necessary for the execution of an agreement between you and Vigilant Paralegal Solutions.

    You have the possibility to view or change your personal data at any time. In that case we kindly ask you to contact us.

    B. Storage

    Vigilant Paralegal Solutions shall not keep your data any longer than necessary for the achievement of the purposes for which they have been collected and processed.

    C. Processing register according to Article 30 of the General Data Protection Regulation ("AVG")

    Vigilant Paralegal Solutions maintains a processing register, in which all processing within Vigilant Paralegal Solutions under the General Data Protection Regulation ("AVG") is maintained and justified.

    3. Amendments

    This privacy statement may be changed by Vigilant Paralegal Solutions without any notice. It is therefore advisable to periodically review this privacy statement.